The truth is, relationships are hard work! At Good Vibes Clinic, we see individuals and couples for a range of different reasons relating to their current (or past) relationships. There are often similarities in the topics discussed in the safe-space of the therapy room. As a result, specialist Sex and Relationship Therapist Christine Rafe provides updated information relating to common topics within relationships both in and out of the therapy room, and offers tips on how to work through these issues if they relate to you.

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internet infidelity - the new-age relationship betrayal

With advances in technology come new websites, dating apps and chat rooms on an almost daily basis. As a result, there have been an increasing number of couples whose foundations have been all but shattered with new-age online affairs, coined ‘internet infidelity’. With the accessibility, affordability and anonymity that comes with being online, sexual promiscuity has taken on a new form, and individuals report both sexual and emotional interactions that occur completely behind a computer or smart-phone screen.

At the uncovering of sexually charged text messages, secret profiles on dating apps and Snapchat accounts you didn’t know about, this topic begs the questions:
1. Is it cheating? and
2. Does it mean the end of the relationship?

kitchen kissing.jpg

Desire discrepancy: desire can start in the kitchen

Relationship issues as a result of discrepancies in levels of desire or ‘libido’ is the most common reason for couples to seek out a Sex and Relationship Therapist. You are probably not surprised to be reading this, as no doubt at some point you too have faced this challenge. It might be helpful to know that someone’s libido is effected by factors that aren’t always directly related to sex. You might not think that a full sink of dirty dishes will impact the chances of you getting lucky that evening, but it very likely could be!

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working together: sexual satisfaction is like a team sport

If you want to have all of your life desires met all the time, my advice is that you stay single! Now I’m not going to sit here and say to you that ‘love is sacrifice’ because I don’t think it needs to be that way, but there is definitely some give and take. Getting the balance right in relationship is the key to success. I like to think about relationships as playing a team sport.