Welcome to Good Vibes Clinic

Good Vibes Clinic offers confidential counselling, education and advisory services for a range of matters including self-identity, self-confidence, sexuality, intimacy, relationships, sexual functioning and/or satisfaction. With counselling experience across a range of issues, and specialist training in sexuality, sexual functioning and relationships, Good Vibes Clinic allows clients the ability to confidently cover all topics, no matter how embarrassing you may believe them to be. Even if you have broader matters you have been battling with in your life, Good Vibes Clinic offers the safe-space to discuss any and all topics. No referral is required, ensuring you have fast access to specialist counselling services across three Sydney locations, Woolloomooloo, Surry Hills and Mosman. 

Whether you are concerned about a relational or intimate matter and are seeking specialist advice, or you want to improve the quality of your relationships and sexual satisfaction, Good Vibes Clinic offers a safe and supportive experience where there are no topics off-limits. From sexual dysfunction through to improving your satisfaction, intimacy, quality of your personal relationships as well as quality of life, Good Vibes Clinic provides effective and proven counselling, coaching and educational services to individuals, couples, parents and children. As well as generalist counselling, Psychotherapist Christine Rafe has a number of specialist areas. Click here to review the specialist services commonly covered at Good Vibes Clinic. 

Common Concerns

  • Relationship conflict

  • Gaining and maintaining an erection

  • Ejaculation concerns (including premature and delayed)

  • Painful sex

  • Mismatched libido's

  • Low desire and arousal

  • Performance anxiety

  • Orgasm difficulty or concern

  • Reclaiming lost self

  • Understanding your partners sexual desires

  • Navigating the dating world

  • Body confidence

  • Pornography dependence

Your Experience at Good Vibes Clinic

Therapy at Good Vibes Clinic incorporates personal and relationships counselling, education, communication and sexual skills training to equip you with the tools, techniques and confidence to improve your sexual satisfaction and intimacy, with the self and others. If required following an initial session, an individualised plan which incorporates physical, psychological, relational and lifestyle techniques will be developed.

Good Vibes Clinic is a confidential and sex positive environment that utilises evidence-based therapy and treatment interventions specific to your own needs and desires. Good Vibes Clinic welcomes individuals of all sexualities, genders and ages, as well as couples, and aims to increase overall wellbeing by improving the quality of your relationships and sexual expression. It offers effective, tried and tested counselling and treatment techniques, and equips you with a variety of tools so you can reach your maximum potential both in and out of the bedroom.

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With affordable and individualised options available for short- and long-term intervention, Good Vibes Clinic ensures there is a style to suit all people and schedules.

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Please note that Good Vibes Clinic does not conduct any physical examinations or observe/perform sexual acts in session.

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