About - The Meaning Behind The Name

Vibes: “qualities in a person or thing that are thought of as being like vibrations which produce an emotional reaction in others” – Collins American Dictionary.

Good Vibes: “all of the people, places, ideas, and possibilities that evoked positive, safe, happy sensations – Urban Dictionary

These definitions evidence the substantial impact your satisfaction, positivity and happiness has on yourself and those around you; on those you care most about. It may not necessarily be obvious to you, but any concerns that you have will affect those around you. This includes your intimate relationships, family dynamics, friendships, and your relationship with yourself. In your intimate relationships, any tension that you or your partner holds about work, intimacy, sexuality and functioning WILL impact the other half of that partnership.

Sexual health and satisfaction incorporates psychological, physical and emotional factors, and as such, most client concerns require a combination of therapeutic and skills training, as well as physical treatment interventions in order to overcome. Good Vibes Clinic offers a holistic service which considers life’s many complications and helps to combat negative impacts of these complications on your overall wellbeing.

Holistic Wellbeing

Broadly speaking, our physical and psychological health and wellbeing is made up of an intricately stacked tower of odd-shaped and mismatched stones. Each tower of stones is different, and the order and way the stones are positioned makes you your own person. If one stone becomes unstable and begins to slip, and the other stones cannot adapt to the change, the whole stack is in danger of collapsing.

Love, intimate relationships and sexual satisfaction likely make up some of the stones on your tower. As a result, these aspects of your life may be just as important to your overall wellbeing as your job satisfaction or fitness level.

Sexual empowerment has a knock-on effect to other areas of your life being that it is so closely linked with body image and overall confidence. As a result, you should not underestimate the importance of a healthy, satisfying sex life on your overall wellbeing.