Welcome to Good Vibes Clinic

Good Vibes Clinic offers a confidential therapy, education and advisory service for a range of matters relating to relationships, intimacy, sex, and self-confidence. No referral is required, ensuring you have fast access to specialist counselling services across three Sydney locations (Surry Hills, Woolloomooloo and Mosman) as well as Skype/telephone counselling services. Good Vibes Clinic welcomes individuals of all sexualities, genders and ages, as well as couples, and aims to increase overall wellbeing by improving the quality of your relationships and sexual expression. It offers effective, tried and tested counselling and treatment techniques, and equips you with a variety of tools so you can reach your maximum potential both in and out of the bedroom.

common concerns

  • Painful sex

  • Anxiety/fear around intimacy and sexual intimacy

  • Mismatched libido’s

  • Erection and ejaculation concerns

  • Relationship conflict/ failing communication

  • Low desire and arousal

  • Orgasm difficulty or concern

  • Pornography dependence

  • Sexual Trauma (talk therapy and EMDR trained)

  • Sexual needs and fantasy differences in a relationship

  • Performance issues

Leave your details here and Good Vibes Clinic will contact you within 1-2 business days to arrange a call or appointment. If possible, please advise your preferred location and what times and days work best.

Any information that feels comfortable and relevant, including which location would work best for you (Surry Hills, Woolloomooloo or Mosman)
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sydney sex therapist: Christine rafe

Christine Rafe is an experienced Counsellor and Psychosexual Therapist, with Master's level qualifications and training in sexuality and sexual functioning from the University of Sydney (Masters of Science in Medicine: Sexual Health). Christine’s formal training alongside clinical experience offers her clients synergy between psychotherapy, education, and techniques training to increase personal satisfaction and confidence, as well as improve intimate relationships. Christine has a holistic view of overall wellbeing, and can see that intimate relationships, self-confidence, sexual enjoyment and sexual expression are foundational parts of overall wellbeing, and interplay into all domains of life. No topic is off-limits in the safe-space of Good Vibes Clinic, and Christine’s knowledge and understanding of a range of psychological, emotional and physiological issues ensure her clients receive value-for-money services unique to their individuals or partnership needs. Christine uses a range of modalities from talk therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), relationship counselling including Imago and Gottman Method (couples modality) and is trained in completing eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).

what to expect from my experience at good vibes clinic

During your first visit, there will be an overview of your life, your priorities, concerns, fears and ideals, and an in-depth understanding of what has brought you to therapy. A session will usually encompass an overview of the concerns/issues that you would like to address, a discussion about previous experiences and coaching and education regarding practical tools, reflections and strategies to overcome the issues you are facing to implement outside the therapy room.

Christine is a client-centred therapist, and the experience is focused on you, considering what you hope to achieve by the end of the session (or sessions). It is recommended you come prepared with some ideas for what you want to get out of your experience at Good Vibes Clinic, as it will help us to use your time most effectively. If you aren't really sure what your goals are, that's okay too and the first session can help us in identifying these, if relevant to you.

Regular session time is 60-minutes, with an initial 90-minute session recommended to ensure there is time to understand your specific issues and/or goals, obtain relevant background information and time to provide initial information, reflections and take-away tools to support your journey.