Random Sex Topics

If you consider yourself to be a sex geek, this is the page for you! Topics on this page are random and based on topical events in society, as well as personal interest pieces of our Sex and Relationship Therapist, Christine Rafe. If you are particularly interested in a specific topic that you would like to see on this page, contact Good Vibes Clinic by clicking here to let us know!




pelvic Floor strengthening

The pelvic floor is one of the most important muscles in the body, however it is largely overlooked in exercise and healthcare activities. The strength of the pelvic floor directly impacts sexual response in both men and women, including the ease of reaching orgasm, the intensity of orgasm, and the ability to learn to control ejaculation in men.

In sexual satisfaction and functioning, pelvic floor exercises are a great addition to other interventions your Therapist will likely use in the treatment of your individual plan. There are no negative consequences of a strong pelvic floor, so why not get started straight away?



sex surrogacy - what is it all about

It is a common misconception that sex surrogacy is another term for sex workers/ prostitutes. What you probably don’t know is that sex surrogates spend almost 90% of their time with clients on non-sexual activities! Research conducted on sex surrogates found that sexual contact only constitutes 13% of their total time spent with a client. Mostly, the sex surrogate is involved in teaching non-sexual touch and intimacy techniques as well as education about sexuality, body image, assertiveness and communication skills building for a romantic or sexual context.