What is Sex and Relationship Therapy?

Whilst we are heading toward a ‘sex positive’ society with decreasing perceptions of sex as ‘taboo’, there still remains a disconnect amongst some medical professionals between sexuality and sexual wellbeing as an important part of healthy human functioning. Sex and relationship therapy allows a safe-space for you to discuss any aspect of your sexuality or sexual functioning with a professional who is specialised in sexology and sexual health.

In order for us to reach a point where we see sexual pleasure as a hobby like bike-riding or Sudoku, we need to forget about the disease focused, abstinence-based ‘If you have sex you will get an STI’ sex education that most of us were exposed to. I know it’s hard, but without this open honesty and ability to communicate effectively about sex, many people are going about their lives with no idea of the emotional and physical satisfaction that comes with a healthy sex life (and by this there are no rules so I mean solo sex, partner/s sex). As we are not quite there yet, sex and relationship therapy at Good Vibes Clinic offers the space to openly discuss topics and concerns with a trained specialist in this area.

Sex and relationship therapy sessions vary dependent on what you hope to achieve. Commonly, sessions could include:

·             Discussion of a specific functional concern of yours and/or your partners, and developing a treatment plan to improve it;

·             Education on all things sex and sexuality;

·             Understanding your body and increasing your sexual satisfaction;

·             Learning how to communicate your sexual needs and desires with a partner;

·             Understanding differences in desire, fantasy and meanings of intimacy;

·             How to keep your sex life interesting in a long-term relationship;

·             Talking to your children or other family members about sex;

·             General relationship concerns that are impacting your overall wellbeing;

·             Toxic/ unhappy relationships

·             Information around sexuality and gender; or

·             Maintaining sexuality through illness or disease.

This list is not exhaustive, and everyone is welcomed into the safe-space of Good Vibes Clinic where no topic is off limits. Click here to view our common services.

Let’s take a look at what is likely happening within your life as a result of not addressing your concerns head on:

  • Individually: On an individual level, people are suffering in silence, sometimes for many years, over something that could be treated in a matter of weeks or months. This suffering is more than just physical, and often results in emotional problems including loss of overall confidence, anxiety, depression, a well as a major cause of relationship breakdown.
  • Partner/ Relationship: Within relationships, partners are also affected as they watch someone they love suffering both physically and emotionally, but feel powerless to change the situation. Further, the partner’s emotional, sexual and relational needs are often not met because of fear and anger relating to the concern. Partners often blame themselves, thinking they aren’t attractive enough, or consider that there may be infidelity. This in turn causes even further stress on the relationship and the individual with the original concern, a vicious cycle that results in added pressure to perform.

Talk to a Specialist

Many clients find their questions and concerns have been addressed and successfully treated in anywhere from 2 to 8 sessions with Good Vibes Clinic. This of course varies dependent on the specific reason for coming to therapy and how complex the concerns are. Many clients, however, come to realize that there is no shame or harm in seeking professional advice in order to resolve a concern. Commonly, clients conclude sessions by saying “I wish I had done this sooner”.

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