Men's Sexual Health and Functioning

Resident Sex Therapist Christine Rafe offers education and advice for common male topics discussed in the safe-space of the therapy rooms. If you are interested in reading about a specific topic not currently available on this page, click here to let us know.


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the importance of disclosure: speaking to a sex therapist

While we are heading toward a ‘sex positive’ society with decreasing perceptions of sex as ‘taboo’, there still remains a disconnect amongst some medical professionals between sexuality and sexual wellbeing as an important part of healthy human functioning. 

Would you feel comfortable talking to your GP if you were a man struggling to gain and maintain an erection?

Statistics show that 21% of men aged over 40 report significant erection problems, only about a third of those 21% had ever consulted a GP or other health professional about these concerns. Of those who disclosed this concern with their GP, only half of them ever received appropriate referral or treatment.

the rise of the under 40's flop: erectile dysfunction not just and older man's issue

One in five men between the ages of 18-40 report difficulty in gaining and maintaining an erection. This is 5 times higher than the same age group just under 20 years ago. So why are younger men these days struggling to get it up (and keep it there)?

Problems with gaining and maintaining an erection have long been considered an older man’s problem, with historical numbers showing men over the age of 40 with much higher instances of erection difficulties (for further information on erectile dysfunction in the over 40s population, click here). Since the late 2000s however, the reporting rate of erectile dysfunction amongst men under 40 has rapidly taken over their post 40 counterparts. In fact, the highest instances of reported erectile dysfunction now come from our 16-21 year old group, with 50% of young men in this age group complaining of difficulty in gaining or maintaining an erection.


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pelvic floor strengthening

The pelvic floor is one of the most important muscles in the body, however it is largely overlooked in exercise and healthcare activities. The strength of the pelvic floor directly impacts sexual response in both men and women, including the ease of reaching orgasm, the intensity of orgasm, and the ability to learn to control ejaculation in men. In sexual satisfaction and functioning, pelvic floor exercises are a great addition to other interventions your Therapist will likely use in the treatment of your individual plan. There are no negative consequences of a strong pelvic floor, so why not get started straight away?