Promoting Female Sexuality

Sex positivity and promoting sexual empowerment amongst women is one of my biggest passions. Women's sexual satisfaction and orgasm were celebrated in Ancient Greek culture, with Hippocrates reporting that both male and female ejaculation were required to create life. Similarly, Aristotle posited that 'female essence' (aka female orgasm and ejaculation) was essential throughout pregnancy to ensure the baby would continue to grow. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way this promotion of female orgasm was lost, and women up until this generation have encountered oppression, slut-shaming and partners who are un-educated on female anatomy and just how to satisfy their empowered female counterparts.

This section covers topics seen at Good Vibes Clinic, as well as topical and sometimes comical information.


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‘Porn for Women’ one of the top search terms for 2017

I am a proud advocate for safe and appropriate use of pornography, and think it’s a great addition to any individual or relationship’s sex life. It can open communication amongst partners and so long as it doesn’t replace real-life intimacy, self-love is just as important as partnered sex.

This article explores the current trends in pornography and the increase in availability of online erotica made for women (including links).

what stress and anxiety is doing to your sex life


Stress, anxiety and depression can have negative and lasting consequences on your overall quality of life and often impacts your sex life first. This is not ideal, especially when we know that poor mental health is already interfering with your productivity at work, your personal relationships, and your overall physical and psychological wellbeing.

If maintaining or improving your sex life is important to you and/or your partner as part of your overall quality of life, there are some things to be aware of that may help address the situation.



pelvic floor strengthening

The pelvic floor is one of the most important muscles in the body, however it is largely overlooked in exercise and healthcare activities. The strength of the pelvic floor directly impacts sexual response in both men and women, including the ease of reaching orgasm, the intensity of orgasm, and the ability to learn to control ejaculation in men. In sexual satisfaction and functioning, pelvic floor exercises are a great addition to other interventions your Therapist will likely use in the treatment of your individual plan. There are no negative consequences of a strong pelvic floor, so why not get started straight away?