Services for Women

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There are many reasons why you may participate in therapy, both individually and with a partner. Seeking help early often increases the speed and effectiveness of treatment. Having said this, it is never too late to seek assistance and treatment for a variety of concerns.  For women, therapy offers a safe-space to delve into both conscious and subconscious topics with a trained therapist who can offer support and guidance for you to reach your goals. 

With specialist help available at Good Vibes Clinic, there is no need for you to continue feeling embarrassed, stressed and frustrated because of your concerns, fears or secrets. Click here to request an appointment now, or use the link at the bottom of this page.



specialist areas

·   Low sexual desire or loss of desire

·   Reclaiming lost sensuality

·   Relationship issues (including infidelity)

·   Painful sex (including Vaginismus)

·   Body image and confidence

·   Orgasm difficulties 

·   Sexual satisfaction

·   Self pleasure and self love

·  Sexual identity

·   Asexuality

·   Kink and fetish

·   Sexual phobias

·   Sexual aversion/avoidance

·   Sex education and teaching your children about sex

·  Sexual health

·  Medications, drug use and sexuality

·  Pornography/cybersex dependence or addiction

·  Masturbation dependence or addiction

·  Sex dependence or addiction

·  Toxic relationships

·   Approaching sexual function concerns with partners

·  Fertility and pregnancy counselling

Lifespan/ Situational

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·  Unhappy/ toxic relationships                             ·  Sexuality and aging

·  Sexuality and disability                                       ·  Sexuality, pregnancy and fertility

·  Menopause                                                           ·  Sexuality and cancer

·  Discussing sex with your children                    ·  Dating apps and associated technologies

If you are in a relationship and experiencing one of the above sexual concerns, it can be really helpful to include your partner in the process (if you feel comfortable to do so). Your partners' participation assists in understanding any relationship factors which may be impacting on your reaching your peak sexual functioning. If you do not think your partner will be open to attending therapy with you, that’s perfectly okay! If this is the case, book an individual appointment initially and we can discuss options relating to individual and couple sessions if it is deemed necessary. Click here to understand what Good Vibes can do for you and your relationship.

Good Vibes Clinic offers a safe environment to discuss your concerns with a professional in the field; someone who understands the variations in sexuality and function, and the importance of sexuality on overall wellbeing.